Mike May: The Joy, Peace and Glory

of Living with and in Faith, Hope and Love

3rd July 2016

Psalm 46 sung by Ian White is included in this podcast

by kind permission of  littlemistymusic.com and is available on itunes

Geoff Handford: Becoming a Disciple

Sunday 26th June 2016

Bible Refs: Mark 1:14-20; James 1:2-8; Mark 10:17-22


Paul Hiley: Amazing Grace

22 May 2016

Bible Reference: John 8: 1-11

[Please note this week's recording is not high quality

but we trust all listeners will be encouraged &  blessed]

Katy Hiley: Moving Forward

29th May 2016

Bible Reference: Joshua 1:3, 3; Ephesians 6:10-18



Paul McGuigan: Ode to Unity

1 May 2016

Bible Reference: Acts 6: 1-7; Psalm 133


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